About Mariam

My name is Mariam and I am a designer based in the UK. I love art. I love the web and most of all I love making things look beautiful.

I am a recent graduate in BA Web Design with first class honours from the Teesside University, and I am actually looking for a web designer job. I am specialising in user interface design and development. I build clean, appealing, and functional interfaces which comply with the latest web standards. However, for the past of the tree years I’ve been learning other skills such as:

  • Developing the technical side of the web sites including e-commerce websites by designing and implementing the database connected to the website.
  • Producing professional visual identities such as logos.
  • Creating graphics, videos and interactive flash applications.
  • Increasing the search ranking by carrying out from a SEO plan to measure the website and identify the most appropriate pay-per-clip campaign (PPC).

Feel free to contact me if you want about me further information for instance the CV.

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